Click to see: Meet Dr Kolaq the herbal medicine expert who treats staphylococcus and other STDs

Meet Dr Kolaq the herbal medicine expert who treats staphylococcus and other STDs

Hello reader, I am Dr Olayemi Kolaq, the CEO and founder of Kolaq Herbs Ltd, and I would like to tell you a little about the dreaded infection called staphylococcus and why you should contact me for alternative herbal treatments for this terrible sickness.

Staphylococcus is a bacterial infection commonly found on the nose, skin, private parts, etc. It is spread easily and a lot of cases are recorded in Nigeria annually. It has a long life span in the body system which can multiply from millions to billions in less than an hour, and this problem persists even after undergoing a lot of treatment from different centre and is very difficult to treat. According to the book of pathology that studies disease written by William Boyd in 1932, after 18 years of research on staph it was concluded that staph is a very dangerous infection. 21 children were mistakenly infected with toxic-generic strains of staph and 12 died after few hours. The result shows that staph damages the deeper organs like kidney, heart, eyes, bone lungs and also destroys reproductive system symptoms: Some people believe staph is an STD, however, it is something that can even be passed from skin to skin and not just via intercourse. Patients may not discover they have staph until they start seeing signs like itching, pus & blood discharge, sores, worm like movement in the body, menstrual disorder, waist pain, internal heat, constant malaria, impotency, infertility etc.

Staph can be deadly if left untreated, it is a bacteria that lies in the body system, it has access to derail deeper organs and can affect people on different levels, like scanty growth, moderate growth and heavy growth. The effects of staphylococcus in men and women are very unpleasant and can lead to a lot of problems including infertility. It can become resistant to antibiotics as it is very adaptive so a good way to get rid of it is the evacuation method from your system and your environment because staph can stay under dry condition for many years.

The evacuation method can be carried out in our centre and we have recorded success over the years. Price:- #15,000naira (per pack, depending on how long the infection has been in your system). My advice to you reading this is to make sure you meet an expert to any of your condition, do not take wrong medications as this is very dangerous. See an expert, don’t continue to swallow drug everyday like food, and stop buying drugs any how without prescription. If you want to come for my treatment and you know you can’t follow my instructions, please don’t come to me and don’t waste your money. And if a person has staph, his family has to be tested too because they have shared the same environment.

In our centre, the evacuation method pack has different packs – ladies and men pack, because male and female reproductive systems differ. Evacuation is an alternative solution to most chronic STDs if used in the right way. These packs are free from chemicals that will serve as tonics or hazardous elements. I am a specialist in the treatment of infections and in the 80’s during my early career people used to call me a trado-medical gynaecologist because I specialize in marriage health issues. Besides staphylococcus, my centre also treats the following things herbally:


General STDs


Mouth odour




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